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Great presentation and story. I was expecting to see a shitty parody video at first but instead, I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you.

Oh I miss you Edd. RIP. Great episode :)

Trully astonoting work! I hope to see more animations like this :)

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The movement infuriates me - it feels too floaty unless I tap it continually to travel by one tile at a time. I can't even enter through the door.

The buttons could be slightly different in appearance depending if the button opens a door or does something else.

The puzzles seem to be too easy or too tedious to execute like in stage 1-5. The solution is obvious but if you mess up in one place you have to redo all of it again. Maybe it wouldn't be so tedious to do if the movement was better. Or if there was an undo button for the last step at least.

The game is decent. If there were more interesting levels and the movement wasn't as annoying as it is now, I'd gladly play it.

Yingruoxuan1992 responds:

thanks for playing.


No game on NG made me play a game over 2 hours.
The graphics and story are great!
This game keeps my hands on it due to the fact that I want to keep learning more. The logic behind this game is also very valuable. Too bad I need to stop playing but I surely will continue once I have the opportunity.
This is a great game!

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome dude glad you enjoyed this type of game!


This is really awesome. Thanks :)
Just a tough: how much money do you make out of these?

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You sure are talented!
More people should hear your work :)

Great sounds! Also, scouted you ;)
Keep up the good work!


Dropping by to say hello!
Kokia programa naudoji muzikai kurti?

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You know, I don't get it why your art has such low scores. The anatomy looks right, the perspective seems fine, The line of action might need some fine tuning but overall everything seems to be really good. I've seen way worse shit getting a score of 3.5. This is worth 4.5 at minimum.

TonicOrange responds:

no idea. but thank you that means a lot

Everything looks awesome but just the feet and lower leg perspective seems slightly off. But that might be just me.

She's so CUTE!!!


I'm a big fan of pixel art and yours if quite nice ;)
Hope you color it soon ;)


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