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I like the lineart, I like the composition, but the shading is really not well thought out.

Things are made of different materials, and here it looks as if all of the materials are the same be it skin, hair or clothing. Think about the texture of your materials and how it should be shaded like. The way the darker parts transition from the normal brightness is lacking because on different textures the transitions look different. On the shoes you do draw in the glossiness of the shoes near the highlights correctly so you have some understanding of different materials, but there's no difference in clothes versus skin versus hair. You do add details like clothing creases, but you don't shade them correctly to make them pop out from the canvas.

It should pop out as a 3d thing despite it being a stylized 2d drawing. As I said, I think your lineart and composition are great, but the shading needs a lot of work.

OosebastianoO responds:

Thank you for your comment and sorry for my late reply.

You're absolutely right on each of your criticisms. And I'm fully awareof it. My custommers and patrons are aware of it by now but it's something I never really talked about on newgrounds : but I really don't like the colorisation process. The lineart is where I have the most fun, and 100% of the time I do colors "because I have to" and because people expect pics to be colored. And since I want this job of mine to remain fun and enjoyable, I warn people that I never really go in depth in colors and that the color process is kept to a minimum (it's also taken in consideration in my price list).

So yep, I know my color work is far from perfect, and far from good even. But it's really an aspect I don't like working on (and I did some detailed color work in the past, and never the result was worth the effort on my end).

This being said, thank you again for taking the time to write this CC , it's greatly appreciated ^^

That's one ugly penis—looks like a sticker instead of a 3d object. And I don't even want to talk about the balls. Genitalia in general are ugly, but here it's really poorly drawn, the shading is not right at all.

Princess Peach herself looks good, but that poorly drawn dick ruins everything. I mean I know that drawing penises might not be the most fun, but you're dangling it on Peach's face so you kinda have to draw a good penis.

WildSwingDing responds:

well you were certainly frank about it with me... Thanks for the critique though, I'll try to keep it in mind for future lewds to draw a better cock and balls,

The shading transition between butt and thigh makes it look like she's made out of plastic parts instead of stylized human flesh. It makes the ass look like two separate spheres and it looks uncanny.

You know, I don't get it why your art has such low scores. The anatomy looks right, the perspective seems fine, The line of action might need some fine tuning but overall everything seems to be really good. I've seen way worse shit getting a score of 3.5. This is worth 4.5 at minimum.

TonicOrange responds:

no idea. but thank you that means a lot

Everything looks awesome but just the feet and lower leg perspective seems slightly off. But that might be just me.

She's so CUTE!!!


I'm a big fan of pixel art and yours if quite nice ;)
Hope you color it soon ;)

If only...

If only I would know how to model this good...

I don't know anything about music. I just own a copy of Fruity Loops.


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